Where am I? Who am I for others and with others? Finding oneself in the context of social relations - where a person does not exist in isolation, but next to and together with others is a great value of group therapy.
Group therapy allows you to get a more comprehensive picture of yourself and your experience, giving access to repressed and detached feelings. Each member of the therapeutic group with his/her response to the emotional material of the others complements and expands the idea of themselves, makes it possible to get acquainted with previously unrecognized feelings.
The group allows sharing the experiences of its members, supporting them in difficult experiences, being seen and recognized. In addition, the group allows to notice how each of the participants interacts with others, to understand their usual behavioral patterns and ways to communicate with others.
Long, profound work of the group involves the possibility of processing very deep layers of shame, which in the long run significantly improves the quality of interaction with others.
In a group, it is difficult to evade reality without meeting one's deep emotional experience with others; and it may turn out that the external reality is warmer, gentler and more saturated than the usual idea of it.
A group is a place where one can keep track of his/her usual patterns of interaction
  • How do I look at others?
  • How do I feel being with them?
  • What place do I occupy in the group?
  • Can I gradually get closer or abruptly rush into a new relationship, and perhaps, conversely - reject and devalue others?
  • Maybe I didn't like someone right away (and here's an opportunity to explore what affects me in other people, what it has to do with my previous experience, and how to deal with it); or, conversely, someone has aroused strong sympathy, and here I can find both sympathy and congruence, and how my own illusions and expectations of others compliance with them.

The therapeutic group can be thematic, dedicated to working with certain life situations, feelings and relationships, or dynamic, i.e. focused on understanding the way to build relationships with other group members.
Group work is the best way to improve your communication skills, develop emotional intelligence and learn different ways to interact with others.

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ONLINE therapeutic group "Support for mom"
ONLINE therapeutic group "Support for mom"
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