Kateryna Kalynovska

Practicing psychologist,
certified gestalt therapist,
psychoanalytically oriented therapist,
body-oriented therapist

Psychotherapist Kateryna Kalynovska
Очная работа в Киеве и онлайн
Hello, I am Kateryna Kalynovska (36), a practicing psychologist, a certified Gestalt therapist, a body-oriented therapist.
I am a member of the All-Ukrainian Union of Gestalt Approach Psychologists (ВОППГП).

Psychotherapy is my second profession, chosen as consciously as possible after several years of personal therapy and understanding that this is exactly what I really want to do, what inspires me and what I succeed in.

I have been undergoing personal therapy and training since 2015.

As a therapist, I am attentive, sensitive, involved, I am able to withstand and share the complex feelings of people who come to me. While practicing, I am based on values: basic ethics, respect, invaluability, interest in the uniqueness and experience of each person. I like to work deeply, to be engaged in therapy of character and basic patterns of experience and behavior which do not satisfy.
Gestalt therapy is a permission to be luxurious, to rejoice, to play with our most pleasant opportunities in our short life

«Creative process in Gestalt therapy», Joseph Zinker
Self-doubt, difficulty in establishing personal boundaries and expressing oneself, one's desires and needs; emotional dependence

Issues I work with

Difficulties with understanding oneself, one's feelings, experiences, reactions, ways to build relationships with others and life choices
Experience of violence (physical, sexual and emotional), experience of abusive / dependent relationships, history of dysfunctional parental family
Anxiety and depression, situations of loss of meaning, goals, pleasure; apathy, panic attacks, phobias
Difficulties in interpersonal relationships (with partners, children, parents, colleagues), situations of divorce, separation, loneliness, recurring scenarios in relationships
Physical symptoms: decreased or increased bodily sensitivity, stiffness, tension, discomfort, psychosomatic manifestations
I also really like to work with clients for broadening «in plus»
To try new forms of self-expression, to learn how to understand, accept and support oneself unconditionally
To discover new shades of one’s feelings, experiences and sensations
To find resources and motivation for change
To expand the possibilities of free choice
To gain emotional stability and psychological maturity
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